Andrew’s Award

Last year, Andrew tried to help his High School redesign their web site.  He’s good at doing layouts and making pages look attractive, but he needed more time to make it easy for teachers to enter information.  So he talked to the High School counselor and web site administrator, then applied to take a “custom class”.  His custom class was approved, so now he spends one class period each day, plus a lot of personal time, working on the web site.  In return he gets a grade for the time he spends on it.

The tricky part is that that the school web sites are controlled by an IT department, and that IT department is very particular about how a school web site can be built.  They want to be very careful to restrict what can be posted.  This caused some trouble for Andrew, because he wanted to do some new, innovative things, and the IT department was a little cautious.

Fortunately, Andrew was able to keep cool when the IT department began to block his plans.  He responded carefully and politely, and eventually found an ally in the IT department – a manager who is also a neighbor, and knows Andrew.  Now the IT department has Andrew running the whole project.  He has presented survey results to all of the High School department chairmen, he has updated the district’s content management system, and he has demonstrated the changes to the teachers.  His new design looks very modern and attractive.

In appreciation for his work, the school named him “Student of the Month”.  Here are a few pictures of the sign in front of the school, showing his recognition.  Congratulations, Andrew!

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