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Andrew improved his score

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Andrew had a chance to take the ACT again, so he did it. This test is important for college admissions and can affect the cost of college, so it’s worth taking it several times if necessary. Colleges see the student’s best score. This time Andrew might have been more relaxed, or maybe he was just more familiar with the testing method. His score improved to 33! The maximum score is 36, and his score is in the best .5% of the students who take the test.  This good score is a step toward reaching his educational and career goals. Nice work, Andrew!

The Family Studio

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

Our family has put together a small recording studio.  It is not in a special room, but it does have enough equipment to record voice and instruments.  Recently, I (Andrew) created a blog for the studio.  I would like to invite everyone to see it at .  Please feel free to listen to all of the music there and leave comments.  I will be uploading more music soon, and plan to make it into a podcast just like Nick’s!

For now, make sure to check out my Album-a-day project, Running with Scizzors!

A successful fishing trip

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

Finally the weather and our schedule allowed me to go fishing again!  This time a friend and I went to the Provo River, which is one of the best rivers in Utah for catching trout.  I caught three fish and he caught four, and we were only gone for about four hours.  That’s the way a fishing trip ought to be!

I also wore my hat with the Beijing Olympics logo.  I thought someone might say something about it, especially when I went to the store to buy flies for the trip, because there have been a lot of unfair news articles about the Olympics recently.  But nobody said anything.  While my friend was landing his last fish, the wind blew my hat into the river and I couldn’t get it back.  Fortunately I have an extra one.

Hot Pot in Utah

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

We don’t have any hot pot restaurants in Utah, so we had to do our hot pot at home! We have a little butane stove that sits on the kitchen table, and we buy the soup mix and hot pot foods at the Chinese grocery store. The grocery store is far from our house, but it’s very close to my work, so it’s actually quite handy. We enjoy quite a few things from the Chinese grocery store now. It’s fun to taste new and unusual foods, and we’re trying to figure out how we’ll live on the foods we can buy in the grocery stores this summer in China. We’re sure the foods will be delicious, but we aren’t used to cooking them.

My mother (Grandma to the boys!) and Joe came over to eat with us, and everybody seemed to enjoy it. The hot pot was a little bit spicy for some people, but it was delicious. And it’s funny how everyone suddenly became seriously interested in the food as soon as I got out the camera!  I guess nobody wanted to be the one person looking at the camera in this picture.

A Tie-Dye Party

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Ryan invited a couple of friends over for a “Tie-Dye Party.” Ryan and Jacob almost always wear tie-dyed t-shirts because they like the bright colors and the interesting patterns. So Carol put plastic over the table, got out a second table, and they dyed some new shirts. It’s a fun thing that anyone can do, and almost every shirt looks good. Even if the pattern isn’t particularly special, the bright colors are always fun.