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Ryan’s Science Fair Project

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Last night Ryan competed in the district science fair, and he won! He is in the largest school district in the state, and only 60 students from the whole district get to compete at the next level. He was one of them. His project is about how a basketball bounces differently with different amounts of pressure inside. This project is one he planned and executed almost entirely without help, which is excellent. He has learned to do good work all by himself. He also made the project look well-organized and interesting. Good work, Ryan!

The next contest for Ryan is the regional science fair, which is held at BYU in about a month.

Nick got a top rating

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Nick played his clarinet at the district solo festival on Tuesday, and he received his score the next day. He earned a 1, which is the best rating. The judge made many good comments, and her only correction was to suggest that the very ending could be played a little more slowly. She especially liked his musical expression. He worked very hard on finishing the ends of the phrases so they would sound polished, and he made the cadenza sound just right. The piece he played is a famous, difficult piece for clarinet. It has very slow and very fast passages, and he made both sound good. It also has many jumps between high and low notes, which are difficult but he played them well. Congratulations!



The Deer At Our House

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Right now it’s a difficult time for the deer that live on the mountain by our house. The snow is starting to melt, so it’s very slushy and wet. It soaks their fur and makes them cold. It also covers up the new green leaves that they want to eat. So a lot of deer have been wandering through our neighborhood in the last couple of weeks.

But yesterday we came home from Church and found a big surprise. Behind our house, next to the deck, a deer had decided to take shelter from the wind and snow. It was just sitting there, less than ten feet from the window. We looked at it, talked about it, took pictures, and then kept an eye on it while we made dinner. Finally the weather got much worse, we had thunder and lightning, and hail began to fall. Then the deer moved into the small stand of oak trees behind our house. Another deer joined the first one under those trees, and we got to watch them while they waited for the storm to finish. After the hail was finished, both of them left. We didn’t see which way they went, but it’s not hard to guess because they left tracks in the snow.

Our Favorite Waffles

Sunday, February 24th, 2008

In Carol’s family, her father made sourdough waffles every Saturday morning. We’ve never had a sourdough start, and we remember that sourdough is a little fussy, so we haven’t wanted to do that. But we got a waffle iron when we were married, and Carol makes waffles quite frequently. She uses a simple recipe that’s has a better texture than most.

Today it was my turn to make the waffles, and I couldn’t find the recipe. It turns out that Carol memorized the recipe from the waffle iron box many years ago, and she has never written it down. So I’m writing it down here, where I’ll be able to find it in the future.


Andrew got a good score

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

We just learned that Andrew got a 30 on the ACT, which is an excellent score! This will help him get into a good college and could help him get a nice scholarship to help pay for it. We’re very proud of Andrew’s accomplishment.