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Matt’s magic show

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

We took the 12 to 18 year old young men and young women from our church to BYU so they could see a “chemistry magic show” by my brother in law, Dr. Matt Asplund, who is a chemistry professor there. Matt taught some basic chemistry concepts like air pressure and extreme heat and cold.  He did a reaction that glowed in the dark like those glowing light sticks that you can buy for the Fourth of July.  He blew up balloons full of several explosive gases.  He even made nylon thread.  It was amazing! Everyone loved it, and many people stayed late to talk to Matt and ask him questions after the show was over. I did take some pictures with our old camera. This was really fun!

Here’s Matt with the equipment

And a fireball from one of the experiments

And everyone wanted to talk to Matt afterwards

I think Matt’s magic show is one of the very best things we have done with the youth. Many don’t get a chance to see science being “cool.” And he definitely makes it cool! Thanks, Matt!