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Carol’s Kitchen – First episode now online!

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

We wanted to show our friends in China how to bake an American cake.  After writing up the recipe, we realized that many of the steps are probably unfamiliar, because ovens and baking are not common in China.  So Carol and I decided to demonstrate how to bake a spice cake.  Spice cake is my very favorite kind of cake.  It’s the kind I usually request for my birthday cake. It seemed like a good place to start…  But Carol made the mistake of letting me run the camera 😛

It turned into the first episode of of a new cooking show called “Carol’s Kitchen,” complete with guest appearances by each of the boys and a few words from our “sponsors!”  It’s 25 minutes long and includes plenty of unnecessary silliness.

Here’s the video:

And the recipe:

 Recipe (Microsoft Word Document)

Bonus content!  Carol’s Kitchen goes global!  Here’s the Chinese translation of the spice cake recipe, courtesy of our friend Mabel:

 Recipe with Chinese translation (Microsoft Word Document)